Eurovision 2014 will be held on the island?

 Annual international Eurovision Song Contest – an event scale level , collecting in one city in one territorni artists from all over Europe . This year will be held in Denmark 59 Eurovision Song Contest , which will involve 37 countries and which will be held at one of the best areas of the country : B & W Hallerne in Copenhagen.
Arena B & W Hallerne was not chosen randomly . This place is not only suitable for Eurovision in terms of technical and scale prametrov , but also in terms of historical and cultural heritage of the city. What is it like to arena of Eurovision 2014 ?
First, the uniqueness of the arena is that all premises are located on the island Refhaleeen in Copenhagen , where in 1960 the shipyard was located ( large plant construction and repair of ships and vessels ) of global importance , employing 2,000 to 3,000 professionals. All ship-building complex built by “Burmeister & Wain”, consisted of 2 large halls with a total area of ​​15,000 square meters. m, and was used until 1996 only for the construction of ships. Advanced technology of the time made ​​it possible to build ships in the sections enclosed spaces . At the time, the Japanese delegation visiting the complex , was pleasantly surprised and impressed using tehnolgy those times in a complex manufacturing process vessels .
Unfortunately, due to economic difficulties, the shipyard was closed in 1996. And today these premises are used as a warehouse Royal Theatre and paintball arena . Also , now all the equipment arena B & W Hallerne often used to conduct various cultural events .
September 2, 2013 the Danish public broadcaster DR announced that the premises of the complex B & W Hallerne were chosen as the arena of Eurovision Song Contest 2014 . Competition will be held in one of the sections , converted into a music arena with a capacity of up to 10,000 spectators. All around the room will be transformed into a so-called “Island of Eurovision .” The two buildings of the complex B & W Hallerne, located on the island Refhaleeen , as the tallest buildings in Denmark. Organizers say that the arena will be transformed into something incredible and exciting . And the fact that this music event will take place on the island Refhaleeen remote from the center of Copenhagen arena adds uniqueness and originality .
This year, the show’s organizers and local authorities Copenhagen plan to pay more attention to the cultural and social program , an event attracting both local people and visitors alike . Copenhagen two weeks turn into ” Eurovision Village ” (Eurovision Village). Fan Zone will be held on the pedestrian street Strøget, Copenhagen (Stroget) before the Copenhagen City Hall , one of the most famous areas of the city – Nyhavn . The entire length of the street will always be held cultural events , performances , plays free for all , no matter whether you have a ticket to the Eurovision show or not. In addition, all planned cultural and social program will be organized with a focus on children and music, tolerance and lifestyle – all the things that people close Kopegagena .

So, welcome to the island of Eurovision (Eurovision Island) in May

Prestigious music award Mercury Prize was a 25- year-old Briton

The winner of the prestigious Mercury Prize became a British musician James Blake (James Blake) for his second album, Overgrown, reports New Musical Express.

Overgrown album was released in April 2013 , took part in his record , Brian Eno and rapper RZA.

Moment of Triumph 25 -year-old musician was accompanied by a comical incident : during the announcement of the winner leading the ceremony Lauren Laverne confused with James Blake James Blunt .

Blake has been nominated for the Mercury Prize with their debut album in 2011 , but lost to PJ Harvey , whose record Let England Shake was named the best album of the year .

James Blake is best known as a performer, mixing in his music the traditional song structure and electronic arrangements , referring to dubstep .

In addition to Blake for the Mercury Prize in 2013, claimed David Bowie , Arctic Monkeys, electronic musician Jon Hopkins , post- punk band Savages and others.

Mercury Prize has been awarded since 1992 for the best British and Irish album and is one of the most prestigious music awards . The first owner of the Mercury Prize has become a group with Primal Scream album Screamadelica.

Singer PJ Harvey is the only musician to receive the Mercury Prize twice.

Susan Boyle got into the Guinness Book of Records

Scottish singer Susan Boyle, who became famous for the TV show Britain ‘s Got Talent , got into the Guinness Book of Records in three categories .
Her debut album I Dreamed a Dream, released in 2009 , became the best selling in the history of British female artist , as well as the most successful debut.
In addition, the 48 -year-old Boyle is recognized as the oldest singer , whose debut album has managed to take the first line of the list of sales.
The singer admitted that she is a great honor for her to get into the record books , which she flipped through a little girl .
“I did not dream that she ever find myself in the Guinness Book of Records ” – quoted the singer Bi -bi- si.
During the first week of sales last year, has sold 411,000 copies of 820 records.

Recall that the unemployed Susan Boyle became famous throughout the world after participating in the reality show Britain’s Got Talent ( Britain ‘s Got Talent ) . The video of Susan Boyle in Britain’s Got Talent was the most popular videos of 2009 on YouTube.
Despite its popularity , May 30, she lost in the final of Britain’s Got Talent, but that did not stop her contract with Sony Music.
In November 2009, Boyle ‘s debut album I Dreamed a Dream – album became a bestseller in the UK . In April 2010, the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) has recognized this disc best-selling album of 2009.

Mick Jagger sprodyusiruet biopic about Elvis Presley


he leader of the legendary band The Rolling Stones Mick Jagger sprodyusiruet biopic film studio Fox 2000 on the ” King of Rock and Roll ” Elvis Presley, which will be called ” Last Train to Memphis”

The film, based on the biographical book by Peter Guralnick 1995 Last Train to Memphis: The Rise of Elvis Presley, talk about the early years of the artist’s life and his transformation from a teenager into a legend of rock ‘n ‘ roll. Actor for the role of the young singer will search through the site Young Elvis Presley, where artists can lay out their samples , RIA Novosti reported with reference to Variety.

Director of the film will be Kevin Macdonald , who directed the 2006 film ” The Last King of Scotland” , with the main role in which Forest Whitaker , who played a cruel ruler of Uganda , has been awarded the ” Oscar ,” ” Golden Globe ” and the BAFTA. The script adapts John Fusco , who fans of the cult musical films must band “Crossroads” in 1986 about the guitarist , sold his soul to the devil in exchange for fame and skill .

Producing the film will take the Victoria Pierman Jagger himself through his controlled company Jagged Films. One of the producers of the picture Steve Bing will also perform together with Shangri-La Entertainment. It is notable that Bing has produced a documentary film by Martin Scorsese, “The Rolling Stones: Shine a Light “, dedicated team of Jagger himself .

Jagger recently often becomes the producer of musical biopics , in particular, he is producing the project was filmed on the ” Godfather of Soul ” James Brown . Directed by MacDonald also has experience in the same genre – last year he created the documentary ” Marley .” Inspires confidence and the studio itself Fox 2000 – it was she released a biography of Johnny Cash’s ” Walk the Line ” (2005) with Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon received for this role, ” Oscar .”

«The White Stripes» release concert ten years ago

Soon, fans of the band «The White Stripes» will have a unique opportunity not only to virtually transport a concert musician, but also a journey through time. «Third Man Records» will release their live album «Nine Miles From the White City».

The concert, recorded July 2, 2003 in Chicago, will be recorded on two discs. Total musicians then played 26 songs (including «The Hardest Button to Button» and «Seven Nation Army»). Travel through time and space, will last 79 minutes.

The concert will be released on two vinyl disks of different colors: red and white. Also in the kit will include one more plate with demo versions of songs «The Wite Stripes», as well as a 56-page booklet with photos.

Please fans of the band have decided to honor the decade since the release of their fourth studio album «Elephant» (in April 2003).

Total counts in Group 2 live albums: «Under Great White Northern Lights» (2010) and «Live in Mississippi» (2011). And six studio LPs. Last, «Icky Thump», dates back to 2007.

The White Stripes, the duo of Jack and Meg spouses White, lasted 15 years. Curiously, the musicians played together after the divorce: from 2000 to 2011.

A girl from Kazan hosted the final of the qualifying competition of children’s “Eurovision”

Dayan Kirillov
In Moscow, a semi-final of the national selection contest of children’s song “Eurovision-2013”. It was attended by 39 groups and performers from all over Russia. Kazan were two girls: Adeline Muhametvagizova and Dayan Kirillov. Diana sang the song “Dream,” which was written especially for the competition. The jury chose 18 finalists, their number came in and Dayan.
June 2nd place final qualifying round. Dayan Kirillov perform the fourth. According to the results of the contest will be chosen who will represent Russia in the final of Junior “Eurovision”.
Dayan Kirillova ten years. In the competition, it will participate for the second time. Last year, the national tour she took second place.
Children’s song contest “Eurovision-2013” – the eleventh in a row. It will be held in November 2013 in Kiev. This is analogous to “Eurovision” – with the difference that act as executors of children under 15 years of age

Biographer of The Beatles Lennon gave the manuscript British Library

The Beatles
Archive of the British Library received the collection of letters and manuscripts of poems by John Lennon, reports BBC News.

Valuable documents handed over to the library of The Beatles biographer Hunter Davies, for which, according to the scheme introduced by the UK government, has been released from the payment of taxes.

The scheme of tax breaks for individuals was introduced in the UK in March this year. By renting this, individuals who give a gift to the state objects of cultural value, are exempt from taxes for a period of up to five years. It is noteworthy that Hunter Davis became the first Briton to take advantage of this scheme.

Davis was the first and only official biographer of The Beatles, began its work in 1968. According to the journalist, the British Library is the best place to store his collection, which he would not want to “break up”.

Among transferred to the library archive of documents – letters from Lennon, written in 1960, a draft song «Strawberry Fields Forever», as well as the version of the song «In My Life», devoted to Liverpool. The last exhibit is a line about the Liverpool Penny Lane, which Lennon struck.

Once submitted, all exhibits will be on display at the Gallery of treasures.

LUMEN, June 1, Green Theatre

LUMEN group after the tour to support the album, “On the part of the” decided to draw a bottom line traversed creative way.

The team will give an exclusive concert in two Russian capitals. May 31 the band will perform in the most capacious Club of St. Petersburg, A2, and on June 1 – the Green Theatre in Moscow.

Special concert called “Frontier” that symbolizes the border between the two parts of the new album. At the concerts will feature songs from all the records the group, including those songs that have not heard live.

“In the autumn we will release the second part of the album and present a new concert program. Most of the songs that we played a round of “apart” and will play on May 31 and June 1, it will not be included, “- say the members of the group.

Lana Del Ray. June 8, Crocus City Hall

Lana Del Ray. June 8, Crocus City Hall
Lana Del Rey (Lana Del Rey), American singer, songwriter, winner of several music awards for the first time to perform in Moscow at Crocus City Hall.

Scheduled for the 2013 tour, in addition to a show in Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, will include concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The site of the performer stated that tickets to almost all European shows are already sold out.

Her performances at festivals held in the summer of this year, collected a lot of positive feedback. «The Guardian» puts her perfect score, saying that in her music “comes through the influence of« film noir », and the singer is different” wonderful voice and charisma. ”

Lana will present a program of his new album «Born To Die: Paradise Edition». Ee album «Born to Die» 2012 burst onto the top of the charts of 11 countries and was certified platinum twice.

It has sold over 2.5 million copies worldwide. In the UK album became the most bystroprodavaemoy in the United States took second place in the chart, and in Russia – the fourth. The basis of the new release of the material from the album, plus added eight new tracks.

Music critics have compared it with divas such as Amy Winehouse, Adele and Nancy Sinatra. She received the award «Brit Awards» Best International as the new singer and «Ivor Novello Awards» – the main prize of the British composers – for Best Contemporary Song.

At the award MTV «Europe Music Awards» 2012 Lana Del Rey has been presented in three categories: “Breakthrough of the Year”, “Best Alternative Project” and “Best New Artist” and won “Best Alternative project.”

Kipelova hit song in the movie “The Geographer Globe propyl”

At the upcoming festival “Kinotavr”, which will be held from 2 to June 9, will premiere the film by Alexander Veledinsky “Geographer Globe propyl.”

The film is based on the famous novel by contemporary writer Alexei Ivanov. Veledinsky took the filming, because this book refers to the category of good literature. Directed read almost all works of Ivanov, but by the “geography” somehow passed. Pay attention to this novel he advised Valeri Todorovski.

Not all the events reflected in the book, will be shown in this film. Deleted line childhood hero, eliminated some of the characters. B. The threat head teacher will remain, but will not be such a serious meaning, like Ivanov. Veledigskogo in the original film lasted 2 hours and 50 minutes, but the timing had to be reduced to two hours.

The events of the novel of the 90s moved into our own time. “We have gone from the 90s, because, I think, for this book is not actual time, Alexander said in an interview Veledinsky portal” Profisinema. ” – Yes, we have in the film there are mobile phones, computers, a bit differently dressed people than 15 years ago. But in general, people have remained the same. Such characters as Sluzhkin were in the 50s and 70s, were today, and tomorrow they will be. In this sense, the eternal romance. So why make a historical film if the story is borne by today’s time? Sense to spend the extra money and effort? ”

Writer Alexei Ivanov strongly supports the film adaptation of his book. He immediately announced that he would not make their own adjustments to the script. “I’m not going to do it, why? This is your work. I want the film to be good, but it does not depend on me. I have everything I could – made “, – said the writer. After seeing the trailer, Veledinsky Ivanov called and said that he enjoyed it.

Alexey Ivanov fully approved and the choice of Keira Knightley for the role of the protagonist – a teacher Sluzhkina. This role was written specifically for the actor. “The novel Sluzhkinu 28 years, we have older: Smith also pointed to this fact to our attention, but at the same time, was very pleased that the play will be Kostya Knightley – told Veledinsky. – And when I saw Alex Kosta on the set already in costume and in the way, it is believed in him. Now, looking at the trailer, he said it was the man he wanted to be loved as a character and the film and the novel. ” According to the director, Knightley is very similar to the person who is depicted on the cover of the first edition of the book.

Sluzhkina wife Nadia play actress Elena Lyadova. “It’s like no one better suited for this role, – Alexander Veledinsky. – Some were read for some reason in the novel full habalki. I just had a feeling that it is – just a tired woman that Lena could accurately convey. Now she is a famous actress, and I’m familiar with it ever since, when we were both beginners: we are old comrades. We still play Anya Ukolov, Max Lagashkin, Sasha Roebuck: I shoot them at each picture, from the series “Law” …

The film was shot in Perm for 34 days. Overall, production of the film was delayed for two years. Schoolchildren played by local children. They were chosen from auditions, which came a few thousand people. With thirty lucky qualifiers, talked Alexey Ivanov, who was pleased with the choice.

Wrote the music for the film guitarist Alexei Zubarev Aquarium. In addition, the film sounds a variety of songs – from classical to chanson. But the choice for scoring trailer hit “I’m Free” group “Kipelov” the director did not really approve of it. “I did not clip, and, to be honest, I am unhappy with them – he says. – This wonderful song is playing in the film, but by no Kipelova, and one of the characters. Maybe it works in the trailer, but the trailer I do not like. ”

All-Russian premiere of the film “The Geographer Globe propyl” will be held in the autumn of 2013.